What do we do?

We provide the service of finding the most sought after operating system distributions and providing them to you on both USB and DVD. We ensure each operating system is up to date and accurately burned onto the USB and DVD.

Our Vision

We want everyone to have access to alternative operating systems. Throughout the advent of computers, we have only had a few options for the software that we can run on them. Linux was always an alternative option, but not enough people know about Linux and the ones that do know do not know where to find it or how to use it.

What can we do for you ?

We welcome all inqueries! If you have any questions or need any support, we are happy to help! You can reach us by email or by phone.

We use high quality USBs and DVDs when creating our products!

We use First Class Delivery provided by USPS. This means that you will receive your USB or DVD within 3-4 days of your purchase!

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to customer questions as quickly as possible. Our technicians are on standby to provide you support!

In our short tenure, we have had over 500 satisfied customers!