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In this article, I will be explaining what Linux is and how it can revive your old PC. Linux is simply an alternative operating system for people that no longer want to be dependent on Microsoft and Apple.It will make your computer look different then Windows but it can do almost everything that Windows can do. It comes on a live usb and can turn your PC from being slow and outdated to running fast.

This may sound a little complicated, but by the end of this article, it will all make sense. No longer will you be giving away all of your money to big tech companies that want to sell you a new PC every 4 years. You will be able to make your PCs last 10+ years!

What is an Operating System? (also referred to as “OS”)

Put simply, an operating system makes the computer run.

Have you noticed that the software on a PC looks different than an iMac? This difference is because they are running different operating systems. A PC runs Microsoft Windows and an iMac runs Mac OSX. Linux is an alternative operating system (think Android vs iPhone where Linux is the Android).

Most operating systems nowadays have a visual representation of files and applications (like Windows and Mac OSX), but some still run on a text-only interface called the command line (DOS and UNIX are examples of these).

Oftentimes, the operating system comes pre-installed when you buy the computer and it is mostly locked to the computer’s type. For instance, a Mac computer comes with Mac OSX pre-installed, and most other computer sellers like ASUS, Dell, and HP have Microsoft Windows pre-installed.

Both Windows and Mac OSX come with a license; when you buy the computer, you actually pay a little more than what the computer itself is actually worth. That extra money ($30 – $200 depending on the OS and its version) is added to the cost of laptop.

On the other hand, Linux is free! The only cost is the usb drive that it needs to be loaded on!

Wait so Linux is an operating system?

Linux is an open source operating system created back in 1991 and is still supported today. Unlike Windows or Mac OSX that have essentially one version of the software that just gets updated, there are several versions of Linux that are all suited towards different things.

Linux can do practically anything that Windows and Mac can do. It can browse the web, watch videos, and edit word documents. Most programs can be run on Linux.

In fact, Android (the phone), runs off of Linux! Most of the servers in the world run off of Linux!

What is a live usb?

Since Linux is an operating system, you can’t just download it from the internet, double click, and install it. It needs to be put on a usb and the usb needs to be “booted” on the computer. This sounds complicated, but it’s actually very simple when you follow the instructions included with one of our USBs.

A cool fact to note is that you can run Linux without installing it on the computer. This means that you can test out Linux without erasing anything on the computer!

Why should I use Linux?

When a computer runs slow, it is usually because the operating system is outdated or it was updated to the point where the computer can no longer run it. This is where Linux saves the day.

Linux is lightweight, easy to use and install, and can be run on pretty much any modern computer. The system requirements to run Linux are:

  • 2 gigabytes of RAM
  • 20 gigabytes of hard drive space
  • An Intel x86 process (most likely any pc you have purchased has this)

As you can see, the requirements to run Linux are incredibly low, allowing essentially any computer to run it.

Which version of Linux should I buy?

There are multiple “flavors” of Linux. If you are new to Linux, I recommend purchasing a live usb with Linux Mint.

Linux Mint is an easy to use, beginners Linux. It will allow you to browse the web, watch videos, and edit documents… essentially anything that Windows can do.


Linux (and most other modern Linux distributions) runs similar to other operating systems and there are many reasons to use Linux over Windows or OSX. If you have an old computer and can’t get a new one for whatever reason, Linux can and will be your saving grace.

MX Linux looks like a modern OS on even the oldest computers

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