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When repairing computers, there is one tool that almost every computer technician carries in their arsenal. This tool is Hiren’s BootCD PE.

Hiren’s BootCD PE is a tool that exists on a usb drive that contains tons of tools useful for repairing PCs. It has the ability to reset your windows password, recover deleted files, wipe your hard drive, scan for and remove viruses, and much much more.

A quick preview of what’s to come:

If this interests you, you can buy a copy of Hiren’s BootCD PE right here.

A quick note: The link above takes you to a website where you can buy a USB containing Hiren’s Boot CD and not an actual CD. We recommend the USB version of Hiren’s due to its portability and convenience.

Installing Drivers

Hiren’s Boot CD comes preinstalled with tools to reinstall drivers. This can help if there are damaged drivers on your computer or if you have accidentally uninstalled drivers.

Recovering deleted files

Something that a lot of people don’t know is that deleting a file on a Windows system doesn’t really delete the file. Because of this, we can use Hiren’s Boot CD to recover files that were accidentally deleted.

Using the Lazesoft Data Recovery tool, we can access data that was previously deleted.

You should note though that if you need to recover a deleted file this process will not work 100% of the time. When you delete a file, you are only deleting a link to the information in the file. As you continue to use your computer, it will eventually overwrite the data. If you want to increase your chances of being able to recover a file, you must shutdown your computer right away boot into Hiren’s BootCD PE and begin the recovery process.

Malwarebytes’ antivirus program

The appeal of this tool should be self-explanatory. If your computer has been hacked in the past, doing a scan and removal with Malwarebytes antivirus program can work wonders. Hiren’s Boot CD PE comes with Malwarebytes already installed.

Using Malwarebytes on Hiren’s BootCD PE is more effective because it will allow you to search and remove viruses from your operating system without actually booting into your operating system. Every time you boot into your operating system, you risk furthering the infection and giving hackers more access to your files and passwords.

Wiping your Hard Drive

If you want to sell your computer, it is essential to wipe your hard drive. Most people don’t know that even if you choose to delete all of your files, they can still be recovered by the next user (especially if they have a Hiren’s BootCD PE of their own).

This is why it is essential for you to do a complete wipe of your hard drive using Hiren’s BootCD PE. A complete wipe is when random information is written to your hard drive multiple times. This will essentially destroy any possibility of someone being able to recover data from your hard drive.

Change Windows Password or View Product Key

Hiren’s BootCD PE can be a lifesaver if you have forgotten your password to your computer.

Hiren’s BootCD PE has built in software that can easily remove the login password for your Windows PC. You just simply boot into your Hiren’s BootCD PE and open the Lazesoft Recovery software. You can find a full article on how to do this here.

In conclusion, we:

Hiren’s Boot CD is an incredibly versatile and useful tool for computer repair and maintenance, and the options shown above are just a few tools that you can use to fix or optimize your computer. If you want to experiment with Hiren’s Boot CD yourself, you can buy a USB with Hiren’s Boot CD pre-installed here.

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